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On this website you will find patient information guides and product Instructions for Use (IFU). We recommend eLabeling to be downloaded, printed, reviewed, and readily available for reference. Patients should keep their product information guides handy at all times. When using Abbott devices, Licensed Medical Healthcare Professionals should keep product IFUs readily available for the operator’s reference during any procedure. 

Note:  Abbott patient information guides, manuals, and IFUs may be revised from time to time, so please refer to this Web page for the most current version at the time of the procedure. 

If you have difficulties accessing documents or would like to request a printed copy at no extra cost, please contact Abbott Customer Service.

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Quick search for Abbott product guides, manuals, and IFUs

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You can find labeling information for your product by using the search bar or selecting the category.

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Once you find your product, you can easily download and print the document, or share a link to the document.

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How to find your product information

How to find your product information by search

  • By Product Name

    Product name is located on the patient implant card and on the product labeling.

  • By Model Number

    Product model number is located on the patient implant card and on the product labeling.

  • By UDI-DI Number

    Product UDI-DI number is located on the patient implant card and on the product labeling.

How to find your product through category selection

  • Select a Category

    Select the category that closely matches the type of product you are looking for.

  • Select a Subcategory

    Select the appropriate category from the given list to help narrow down your product choice.

  • Use filter if it is necessary

    If you still need more help narrowing down your product options, use the filters on the left side to find exactly what you are looking for.

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